Saturday, May 8, 2010

Former Burglar Details Gripping Transformation in Memoir

CUTLER BAY, FL – Growing up with a fugitive and thief for a role model, Florida author Ira R. Andrus Jr. shares his transformation from an accomplished and over-confident cat burglar, to a near life sentence in prison, to a second chance at peace in his gripping and unbelievable memoir, “Dead Man Living.”

Haunted by the hollow monotony of running, of never finding peace, the author’s dastardly life of hardened crime, escaping prison, and charmed getaways left him a prisoner outside of his prison cell. But when inexplicably released from prison just before receiving a life sentence, he reveals how he shed his adrenaline-pumped existence for a life of peace and received the opportunity of a lifetime in this inspirational true story.

“Much of my life has been spent on the wrong side of the law, resulting in many years in prison where I should have died,” Andrus said. “This is a book of impossibilities, barriers, miracles and unbelievable circumstances that only a merciful God could bring to a marvelous conclusion.”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available at bookstores nationwide or can be ordered through the publisher at, or by visiting or An audio book version also is available from the publisher.

Andrus currently resides in Cutler Bay, Florida, and is retired from the Dade County Public Schools Transportation Department. He is active in prison ministry and in several capacities with his local church, Central Bible Church.

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