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The Double Human By James O’Neal

Coming from Tor in June, 2010.

ISBN-13: 978-0765320155

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In this sequel to 2009's The Human Disguise, James O'Neal tells a crime story set in the near future that explores the social changes as well as the political issues that could face a world shattered by disease and war.

Unified Police Detective Tom Wilner has a close encounter with the first serial killer seen in Florida since the collapse of society. As he pieces together more evidence it becomes clear that this killer has operated for almost fifty years. Now he knows he faces a member of the undocumented hominid species that now has two branches: The ancient Simolit family or Halleck family. Their genetic ability to live abnormally long lives and heal make it plain that catching this elusive killer will push Wilner to the limits of the law.

Just another day in the near future where criminals are sentenced to the military and terror attacks occur on the anniversary of September 11. Every year.

Amid the turmoil of forced relocation to Florida and the discovery of nomadic tribes living in the wilderness of the empty Southwest Florida peninsula, Wilner must seek an alliance with the Simolits to find the killer.

In the Miami Quarantine Zone, Wilner learns that the killer has operated for years without repercussion. In the desolate, ravaged former “Jewel of the Caribbean,” the killer’s habit of stabbing victims in the neck has earned him the nickname, “The Vampire.”

To complicate his life, Wilner has fallen hard for a beautiful teacher in the Quarantine Zone. He must make difficult choices when he’s told not to pursue the killer outside the United States and relocation riots force him to focus on many problems at once.

Wilner must risk everything to stop this killer, protect the citizens of the United States as well as save the poor people sealed off in the Quarantine Zone.

James O’Neal is the pseudonym of crime novelist James O. Born. He is the winner of the Florida Book Award and has appeared across the country for libraries and other groups as a speaker and writing teacher.

Publishers Weekly gave The Human Disguise a starred review, calling it “Wildly entertaining,” and said, “(The Human Disguise) will keep readers enthralled.”

Watch for The Human Disguise in mass market paperback coming this summer.

“One helluva story from one helluva writer! Only a cop like James O’Neal could create futuristic bad guys like those in The Human Disguise. And only O’Neal could weave them into such a slick, fast-paced story--one you’re convinced is the real world. This is a ride--and a writer--you’re long going to remember.”
--W.E.B. Griffin

"Newcomer James O'Neal presents a gritty, down-and-dirty vision of the near future with plenty of action and suspense that keeps the story moving from page one to the end." --Ben Bova, Hugo award-winning author of The Immortality Factor

"James O'Neal puts the ultimate twist on the modern crime tale." - Bestselling author Paul Levine

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