Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Transformations exhibit is open. Don't miss it.

Congratulations to all involved with Transformations. The exhibit kicked off last night with a poetry reading where the artists and poets shared their collaborative experiences with a standing-room-only audience in the Brevard Art Museum in the Eau Gallie District of Melbourne.

TRANSFORMATIONS set out to challenge 12-published poets paired with 12-established artists to collaborate. They were given nine months, few restrictions and no rules on how to work. The end goal was to create a totally new poem and a totally new piece of 2D art. Last night, the following pairs unveiled their work:

Poets & Artists

Greg Byrd - Suzanne Clements
Rick Campbell - Denette Schweikert
Annette Clifford - Steve Lomazzo
Marcia Denius - Ellen Lindner
Darlyn Finch - Jerry Hooper
Lola Haskins - Derek Gores
Michael Hettich - Cindy Michaud
Ruth Moon Kempher - Nance Dillen
Fay Picardi - George Snyder
Jean Shepard - Carmen Beecher
Bonny Barry Sanders - Jini Janes
Miles Wallie - Monica Ebert

Kudos to Cindy Michaud, Denette Schweikert and Fay Picardi for the hours of work they put into the design and coordination of the event.

The poetry and artwork of Transformations will hang in the museum through June 6, 2010. Don't miss it.

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