Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins with a Book, Donations

On Saturday April 10th, Ocean Publishing attended Turtle Fest in Flagler Beach to release their latest book title, Tracks in the Sand: Sea Turtles and Their Protectors.

Turtle Fest is an annual celebration to mark the start of the sea turtle nesting season in May. It’s a picnic block party, complete with tortoise races, live music and even the release of a rehabilitated turtle back into the sea. Authors Frank Gromling and Mike Cavaliere (two Flagler Beach/Palm Coast natives) were in attendance for signings, and 50% of their proceeds were donated to turtle conservation in Florida—to the Volusia/Flagler Turtle Patrol.

Tracks in the Sand is a very different kind of nature book. It not only outlines each turtle species, its threats, diets and habitats, but also explores a deeper personal side. Included are in-depth portraits of lifetime Turtle Patrollers, photographs mined from decades of volunteer work, local histories of turtle-related scandals (such as the beach driving and coastal lighting controversies of the last decade), and genuine heart. Tracks in the Sand is not just a book about turtles. It’s a profile of a state’s rich coastal heritage and a showcase of its characters.

You may not know it, but of the handful of beaches in the world on which sea turtles emerge in the summer months to drop their eggs—many are in Florida. It’s true; for over two hundred million years this enigmatic species has performed its nesting ritual right in our backyard. An ancient and fascinating animal, sea turtles once swam with dinosaurs and numbered in the millions. Now, of all six species inhabiting U.S. waters, every one is threatened with extinction. That’s where the Turtle Patrol comes in.

The Turtle Patrol is not just a funny name; it’s a tradition, a band of hundreds of volunteers in the Volusia/Flagler region who dedicate incredible amounts of time yearly to sea turtle conservation and protection. These enthusiasts are passionate, eccentric and absolutely unique, a culture entirely unto themselves. Their work reflects not only that of the greater global initiative, but also offers glimpses into the spiritual side of this kind of devotion, of human passion and compassion. Of human will and purpose.

An unlikely collaboration, Gromling and Cavaliere each lend unique talents and sensibilities to this work. They have created something special with Tracks in the Sand—a piece that is as at once a nature book and memoir, a work that is as educational and coherent as it is eclectic and personal.

Click HERE (http://oceanpublishing.org/tracks-in-the-sand.html) to read more about, and order, Tracks in the Sand: Sea Turtles and Their Protectors.

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