Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge Served Cold by Ft. Myers novelist Jackie Fullerton Slated for May 2010 Release

Revenge Served Cold by Ft. Myers novelist Jackie Fullerton will be available nationwide on May 1, 2010.

The latest mystery by Jackie Fullerton, Revenge Served Cold (Thomas House Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9843815-0-0, $8.99, Trade Paperback, 300 pages, Fiction/Suspense, distributed in the US by Pathway Book Services) features Anne Marshall. A twenty-something court reporter by day, law student by night, Anne lives in a sleepy Midwestern college town with her fiancĂ© Jason, the town’s District Attorney. But Anne has a secret: Jason isn’t the only man in her life and the other man—the ghost of her father, James Marshall—still plays a big, and sometimes complicated, role in Anne’s life.

When law professor Elliott Spence is viciously run down and killed in an accident that’s quickly ruled a homicide, police quickly name the professor’s wife, Kathy Spence, as the prime suspect. After all, Kathy has no alibi, and her car, which matched eyewitness accounts of the hit-and-run, was found abandoned not far from the crime scene. But something doesn’t add up. Why would this seemingly-loving wife murder her husband? Kathy’s closest friend Shirley isn’t buying it, and asks Anne for help in clearing her friend’s name.

Once again, Anne becomes a reluctant but diligent amateur sleuth, and sure enough, her favorite ghostly sidekick shows up to help with the investigation. As the ghost/daughter duo set out to find answers, they quickly find that investigating this seemingly open-and-shut case opens up a colossal can of worms. There are some dark secrets lurking in the past—including several jaw-dropping events in the days before the murder, and a simmering rage that’s been building for over a century.

Now a ghost is certainly a handy thing to have in an investigation, but in real life, Anne is going to need some earthly protection. Anne Marshall is hot on the trail of a cold-blooded killer, and when the real killer catches wind of Anne’s sleuthing, there will be only one way to stop the investigation from moving forward— and that’s stopping Anne. For good.

An inventive and page-turning tale about a crime of passion and an unusual crime solving duo, Revenge Served Cold delivers a steamy potboiler of a plot and sizzling action.

Ohio native Jackie Fullerton is a successful businesswoman and attorney. She, her husband Tom and their dog, Flash divide their time between the Columbus, Ohio area and Florida. She is also the author of Piercing the Veil.

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