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More Health, Less Care by Peter J. Weiss, MD

More Health, Less Care How to Take Charge of Your Medical Care and Write Your Own Personal Prescription for Lilfelong Health
by Peter J. Weiss, M.D.
LaChance Publishing, New York
175 pages; $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-934184-24-0

Reviewed by: Lou Belcher, editor of

Who doesn't want more health and less care? We all do, but few of us know how to go about reaching that goal. The most common approach to taking care of ourselves is to go to the doctor when we think something is wrong and to follow the doctor's recommendations.

Dr. Peter J. Weiss, in More Health, Less Care, proposes an innovative plan. Rather than relying on only your doctor to tell you what to do, Dr. Weiss recommends patient involvement and a team approach. Joseph S. Alpert, MD, states in the foreword, "This short volume may well be one of the most valuable self-help books you will ever read." I agree.

The intent of the book is to " how and why traditional healthcare isn't working for many people..." and to "...describe a personal approach to improving your health that does work." This book does not tell you what to eat and how to exercise and it doesn't tell you what to do about every medical condition that you have. Rather, it gives readers something more important: a plan on how to design and implement a workable approach to becoming more actively involved in their health care.

Dr. Weiss guides readers from the shortfalls of our traditional healthcare system to an innovative approach to healthcare that is geared to where we are today. We can be our own best advocates when it comes to our health and this books tells us how. The introduction sums up this book the best when Dr. Weiss writes, "...the principles outlined in this book provide a general philosophy of problem-solving and self-improvement that can be applied to any condition, problem or situation in your life where you desire a positive change."

I highly recommend More Health, Less Care for the valuable information it provides in a clear, concise format with excellent examples. Tony Ferretti, PhD, clinical psychologist, states it up beautifully when he says, "Dr Weiss inspires us to take charge of our health and reap the benefits of our life-changing efforts. Experience the powerful effects of managing your own healthcare!"

My recommendation? Read this book. Your health may depend on it.

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