Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows by David Lynn Anderson

Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows
by David Lynn Anderson
genre: Paranormal/Suspense/Thriller
ISBN-13: 978-1934135921
292 pages
formerly published as The Black Pope and Kingdom Come

Reviewed by Lou Belcher

Father Sean McCauley thinks the biggest problem in his life is deciding whether to remain in the priesthood or to leave it to make a family of his own until the church assigns him the task of investigating a man named Joseph. Sean's world and the lives of millions are turned upside down by the actions of this charismatic evangelist who convinces thousands to leave their homes and jobs to live on his self-sustaining retreats.

Sean's suspicions about Joseph become terrifyingly real as he learns more and more about this man and his plans for the world. From the president to the pope, leaders worldwide join forces to fight the evil Sean uncovers.

David Lynn Anderson has presented readers with a fascinating tale of paranormal proportions with such reality woven into it that they will read late into the night to see what happens.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows is the first in Anderson's Sorcerer Series. Good news for readers: Six of the books in this series are finished and will be out as quickly as they are edited and published.

Watch for Begotten Son. It is the next in the series and will be published soon. In the meantime, join the fans of David Lynn Anderson and read The Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows. You'll know why I'm anxious for more.

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