Monday, March 1, 2010


Cindy Michaud provided the following information about the upcoming Transformations event.

Most artists and writers love signing their name to a finished piece: it symbolizes the end of creation and the presentation of your ideas to the world. Some days we lay the brush or pen down in triumph, some days we clean the brush or dust the keyboard in frustration. But have you ever wondered what it might be like to tackle that “creative project” as part of a team…to end up with a product that was completed in collaboration?

TRANSFORMATIONS set out to challenge some talented folks with just that thought. We paired 12 published poets with 12 established artists, gave them nine months, few restrictions and no rules on how to work. The end goal was that from each pair a totally new poem and a totally new piece of 2D art would emerge.

Our honorary chair was no less than the state poet laureate Dr. Edmund Skellings. Our location for the great “reveal” is the wonderful Brevard Art Museum. And, as a special bonus, for those wondering just how anything at all happened, there will be a 100+page book published detailing the progress of each pair as they felt their way around the challenge.

Mark April 17 on your calendar and join us at the museum as the poets gather from around the state to read their original pieces while their partner artists drop the veils on new art.

For more information go to the web at . And stay posted at we’ll be sharing personal reactions from several of the pairs over the next several months.

Project designers: Fay Picardi, Denette Schweikert and Cindy Michaud.

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