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Transformations - Article 3

Cindy Michaud provided the following information about the upcoming Transformations event.

Annette Clifford/Steve Lomazzo

Annette Clifford is a poet who also writes for the Florida Today News. She was paired with local artist Steve Lomazzo for collaboration in the TRANSFORMATIONS project which will open in the Brevard Art Museum on April 17. Here are a few of their reactions in tackling a joint effort:

Steve Lomazzo – artist- During my first meeting with my partner, Annette Clifford, I stressed that my immediate artistic instinct was to go as far away from the standard “canvas” painting as possible – and I believe I did!

Annette Clifford – poet- I had been thinking of writing a poem about some homeless people after visiting homeless encampments in Melbourne with the Melbourne police as part of my work at Florida Today. I was also reading Janet Flanner's Paris Journal about the bleak and horrifying years of upheaval in Europe before and after World War II at that time and came across the phrase, "I hunt reasons in a decomposed world." Somehow, I knew that was the heart of my poem.

SL - From the outset of being asked to participate in this project, I knew this would be a great challenge. Within the three months of production there were several times I was mired and overwhelmed, but that generally is part of my Modus Operandi.

AC - When I went to see Steven's early sketches and work on the triptych and looked in art reference books at pictures of famous triptychs, I began to see a potentially useful connection between their rich imagery and homage to saints and the lament of "I hunt reasons."

SL - I knew I wanted to use the symbolic image of the triptych altarpiece as the basis for the work and then, who knew where to go from there? I often find that writers are quite timid upon seeing their words illustrated, often times being forced to realize that there might actually be a deeper meaning within than even they were aware of. In this case, there was quite a lot of inherent imagery waiting to be discovered.

AC - The process of working with Steven stretched my imagination each time I saw the sketches and figures he invented for the triptych, since they were somewhat outre, and darkly comic, even frightening, actualizing my own words. They made me think, am I really this afraid and this anxious for the world?

SL - There is no use creating a piece of work that comes easily. If you haven't put your blood, sweat and tears into the work, how can you expect the viewer to feel anything at all?

AC - In future poems, I think I will visualize my words more keenly, get them off the page and up into an imaginary painting of some sort. I'll think, what would the visual transformation of these lines of words look like? I'm sure it will make for better lines of words.

For more information about the project see:

Join us April 17 at 7:00 pm at the Brevard Art Museum as all 12 poets and their artist partners share their Transformations work for the first time. This unique presentation will include readings by the poets as well as discussions from each artist: don't miss it!

Project designers: Fay Picardi, Denette Schweikert and Cindy Michaud.

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