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Transformations - Article 2

Cindy Michaud provided the following information about the upcoming Transformations event.

These are the thoughts of Ruth Moon Kempher and Nancy Dillon about their experience in collaborating as partners in the Transformations Project.

Ruth Moon Kempher – poet- It was the critters in Nancy Dillen's work that drew me to her. She sent me a disk and her website, and I knew from the images that she was blessed with the gift of putting creatures into painted life.

Nancy Dillon – artist – On May 6, 2009 I was introduced to my poet partner Ruth Moon Kempher. To find out who she was I went on the Internet to find a sample of her poetry. There was a poem entitled “Summer Bummer and the Daisy” posted on a site. After reading it I realized we have interests in nature, animals, and surrealism.

RMK - What Nancy picked up, happily, from reading the poems I sent her, was that most of my work, however surreal, is autobiographical.

ND - … I looked around my studio and saw my sink that dates to the early 1900’s. It reminds me of my Grandmama, so I sketched it with an image of a woman bent over it. This image I liked better than the previous, but felt Ruth should have some say. I shot digital images of them and email Ruth to see which she preferred.

RMK - … when she sent me a sketchy draft of an elderly woman bending over a sink, it wasn't her grandmother I recognized, it was my Dad's mother. It was my Gramma, and her kitchen with the remembered smells that came into the new poem, along with the garden flowers, and all. To tell the truth, it was somewhat frightening, when my familiar images appeared as the picture grew.

ND - Reading poetry does not come easily for me. To understand her surreal work, I needed to approach her poetry as if I were taking a class. I collected a pencil, sheet of paper, and a dictionary, selected one book, and started taking notes.

RMK - I've been asked if I would participate in this sort of project again, and if it has changed my writing. I think I have been writing far too many years to be changed by one poem,….. but if I could be sure I'd be lucky enough to meet up with someone as marvelous as Nancy, yes I'd do it.

ND - What a rich learning experience and delight to work with such a talented poet. Would I do this again? Yes, I feel like I learned a great deal about poetry, about myself as an artist, and got to meet and work with a new friend. I now wonder what other new images and word games we could conceive.

For more information about the project see:

Join us April 17 at 7:00 pm at the Brevard Art Museum as all 12 poets and their artist partners share their Transformations work for the first time. This unique presentation will include readings by the poets as well as discussions from each artist: don't miss it!

Project designers: Fay Picardi, Denette Schweikert and Cindy Michaud.

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