Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Life Revealed by, Suzi Katz

Young Adult Fiction:

A Life Revealed
by Suzi Katz (www.suzikatzbooks.com)
ISBN: 9780615304984
suzi katz books
330 pp. $14.95
Trade Paper (September 2009)

Synopsis: Tragedy can strike in a split second. But what if that tragedy brings with it both heartache and mystery? After her parents are killed, seventeen-year-old Chloe Jacobs discovers that she's been part of the Witness Security Program her entire life. While enduring twenty-four hour protection from U.S. Marshals, Chloe secretly searches through her tangled family history...and realizes that in order to find the truth, she'll have to fight for her safety, dreams, love...and ultimately her life.

Author: As a working mother, volunteer and passionate youth advocate, Suzi Katz focuses her energy on teens and helping them build positive futures. Her commitment to young people drives her personal and professional lives, and her latest venture as an author is no exception. With the release of her debut novel A Life Revealed, Suzi Katz launches Suzi Katz Books, a
publishing house dedicated to exploring the lives of young adults and the complicated choices they face each day. Following her support of children's causes, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of A Life Revealed will be donated to the International Child Art Foundation. Suzi resides in Orlando, with her husband and daughter.

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