Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Climate of Uncertainty by William Stewart

Oceanview Publishing announces the launch of Ocean Publishing’s new title, Climate of Uncertainty by William Stewart. Ocean Publishing’s focus is on environmentally important books, as evidenced by Climate of Uncertainty.
Why then, is Oceanview Publishing, a premier publisher of mysteries and suspense and thrillers, making this announcement?

The answer is: parental pride. Bill Stewart is one of the Gussin/Stewart “kids”, the son of Patricia (Stewart) Gussin and Bob Gussin, co-founders of Oceanview Publishing.

But Bill’s not really a “kid” anymore. He’s the head of the climate change/global warming division at an international law firm. In Climate of Uncertainty, Bill tackles all of the major climate change issues facing our world today. And he does so with an objectivity seldom seen in an arena so fraught with dissent, distorted information, and extremism.

This is the perfect book for anyone seeking an unbiased examination of all sides of the climate debate. Even though the subject is complex, Bill has made it intriguing and so understandable that readers will feel like experts by the time they finish the book.

You can find out about Bill at

And of course, you can buy the book on Amazon and lots of other places.

Seriously, even though we are Bill’s parents, this is a must-read book for everybody.

Climate of Uncertainty by William Stewart

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