Sunday, March 28, 2010

Charm Catcher and Dream Weaver by Kee Briggs

Kee Briggs is pleased to announce two items. The first is the publication of his new young adult fantasies, Charm Catcher and Dream Weaver. The second item is that Charm Catcher and Dream Weaver was published by Keescapes Publishing, an entity formed to handle the future writings of Kee. All of his work can be seen and purchased at or purchased through Amazon or ordered through any book dealer.

Charm Catcher and Dream Weaver are two Asti fantasies. Astis have humanoid form, but they are descendants of Lemurs instead of the Great Apes. They retain their large orange eyes, big noses, peculiar hair and a few other characteristics. They have long been considered by humans to be sub-human. It has long been thought that Astis use magic.

Charm Catcher: When several hundreds Astis gather for a group wedding, a deputy sheriff's 14 year-old son, Mike, and an Asti boy, Mano, rub together as they get swept up into dangerous adult battles.

Dream Weaver: When the boys are sixteen, they come together again. Something is happening to Mano. He is afraid he is dying. Mano asks that Mike help him get back to his family. He doesn't want to die alone among the Mundanes...those without charms.

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