Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Castaway


The Castaway
by Piero Rivolta (www.pierorivolta.com)
ISBN 9780979201295
New Chapter Publishers
160pp. $19.95
Hardcover (April 2010)

Synopsis: A man adrift on a broken catamaran in the Gulf of Mexico is rescued and brought to a care facility in the Yucatan run by an unconventional Jesuit. The man seems to remember nothing of his past except his name. To speed his recovery, the priest engages him in searching
conversations and introduces him to a captivating woman who runs a school for children in town. As their three lives intertwine and their secrets come to light, they become entangled in a complex web of emotions. Told in poetic prose, The Castaway, which continues the story begun in Sunset in Sarasota, is a fable-like meditation on the nature of memory, beauty, love and
friendship, and offers a profound affirmation of the healing power of words.

Author: Piero Rivolta comes from a family of Italian automakers and has been a writer all his life. He left his native country for the United States and a climate better suited to his maverick personality in 1980, and became a successful real estate developer and luxury boat builder. Now a resident of Sarasota, he has written three novels and two books of poetry.

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