Saturday, January 9, 2010

Historic Walking Guides Florida Keys

Historic Attractions from Every Part of the Keys in a New Book

A new book by Michelle Sheldone aims to bring the history of the Florida Keys to life through a series of guided walks and a look back at the history of the islands from their discovery to the present day. It includes a detailed look at all of the islands in the chain, and a series of walks around Key West exploring historic buildings, locations and stories from the past.

Most guidebooks on Florida and the Keys fail to delve into their history in full, and certainly skirt around the details of what can be seen of the past today. This book is a new authority on the history of the island chain, and a travel guidebook which should accompany any tourist to the

Michelle Sheldone is a travel, history and conservation writer. She has worked as a Family Circle magazine editor and a Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers reporter and has contributed to publications such as The Miami Herald and South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Michelle resided in the Florida Keys for eight years. This travel guide reflects the voices of many who live in
and love the area.

The book includes:
• Details of historic attractions as you pass through the Keys from Miami to Key West
• A complete set of walks around Key West covering everything from natural history to the characters which shaped the island’s personality.
• Historic eating, drinking and hotel suggestions to accompany the walks.
• A full introduction on the history of the Florida Keys from their discovery in 1513 to the present day.
• Personal guidance from an author who lived in the Keys for many years.

Discover the Florida Keys’ history and tailor your visit with Michelle’s new book, due in March 2010.

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