Monday, February 22, 2010

Art Adkins' scheulde, updates and so much more...

I received Art Adkins' newsletter this week. I couldn't help sharing this. I hope I don't embarrass him by quoting him, but this should come as inspiration to all of you. What a schedule he keeps. Every weekend his has multiple book signings in Florida and surrounding states. Here's the result of all that travel and all that work, in his own words:

"Eight months on my publisher’s bestseller list, fourth printing, increased hits on my website each month and on and on. There is no secret, except for one. It is the ugly four letter word that a lot of people do not want to engage in: work. I grew up on a farm and my father used to tell me that farm work would be the hardest thing I ever had to do. No matter how much you got accomplished on any given day, there was always something else to do on the farm. Not truer words were ever spoken. However, work on the farm gave me an outstanding work ethic which I have been able to capitalize on in any endeavor I have undertaken. Now, I have turned that work ethic to writing and marketing my books."

Here's Art's schedule of book events and signings for the next two months. Congratulations Art on making it happen...

January 31: Books & Books; Capl Coral, FL

February 12: Circle Books; Sarasota, FL

February 13: Amelia Island Festival; Amelia Island, FL

February 21: Private Home; Vero Beach, FL

February 27: Sanibel Bookshop; Sanibel, FL

February 28: Borders; Winter Park, FL
For more information about his book, go to


Deborah Sharp said...

Ohmigosh ... I'm tired just READING Art's schedule. Good for you, Art! You are a one-man publishing tornado (Now, I need to go take a nap!)

Madeline said...

I have read the book and it is amazing. I have posted my reviews everywhere I can and can't wait for the sequel.