Monday, November 9, 2009

Mysterious Woman on the Train by Kay Williamson

ADC abilities surge to forefront in new novel
Experienced author shares entertaining murder-mystery
Wisconsin college professor David Martin never knew he had the ability to communicate with those that had passed over. But in the Mysterious Woman on the Train (published by iUniverse) his psychic ability on board a train, on the anniversary of a murder, propels him into the mystery solving world.

Author Kay Williamson’s personal experiences, including those with her father after he passed over as well as interviews with friends and acquaintances weave the Mysterious Woman on the Train into a novel where psychic abilities play a key role in leading Martin and his mother, Kathleen, to the murder of Rosalind La Page.

“I believe this book will appeal to any murder mystery aficionado, and it will have extra appeal to readers who are interested in ADCs (after death communication) and psychic phenomenon,” Williamson said. “After I finished my novel, I read a book in which over 353 men, women, and children had shared their ADCs with the authors. I felt this book helped to authenticate the experiences that my friends had shared with me and my own experiences as well.”


Kay Williamson, a former elementary teacher, has had numerous romantic suspense and murder mystery novel published including: Ghostly Whispers, Time after Time, Bridge to Nowhere, Listen to the Heart and Murder at the Starlight Pavilion. A playwright and published songwriter, she wrote and successfully produced a romantic, musical comedy, "What’s Going on at the Mansion?" in Iron Mountain, Michigan where she and her husband, Don, spend their summers.
Residents of Florida, they display their watercolor paintings in juried shows during the winter months. A second marriage for both, they have seven grandchildren.
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