Thursday, February 11, 2010

David W. Stewart launches his novel: Psychic Redemption, Spiritual Quest for Truth

About Psychic Redemption
Psychic Redemption absorbs the reader in suspense as a sixteen-year-old girl, Julie Gustafson, returns from the dead to find the baby she never saw. It is a novel, riveting and intimate, capturing the possibility that a restless spirit could possess a human soul to complete its journey.

Psychic Redemption opens when Bonnie McConnell suffers an unexplained seizure. After diagnosis, a psychiatrist and a hypnotist confirm that the seizure resulted from the invasion of Bonnie's soul by Julie's spirit. The search for Julie's baby leads Bonnie into escapades with a dangerous gang, The Swamp Rattlers, and the gang's leader, Cody Wilkins.

When the search concludes, Julie's quest is complete but Bonnie's life changes forever. Psychic Redemption is a gripping novel about spiritual fulfillment, child's innocence and a mother's love.

Book Reviewer, Paige Lovitt for Reader Views had this to say about Psychic

I totally found myself engrossed in Psychic Redemption. it was refreshing to read a paranormal story that contains some very unique elements and surprises. The character development is also exceptional. Each person involved in the story has their eccentricities that make them seem more real and more human. The paranormal elements do not allow the mysterious aspect of the novel to follow a mundane pattern: instead they help take the reader on a further adventure into the story. I highly recommend reading this book!

About the Author: David W. Stewart is a Florida author, resident since 1941. He based the character Julie on his daughter who was murdered in 1979. Stewart began writing in 1967 and has received several awards. The American Biographical Institute included him among leaders of world influence for the new millennium.

You can order Psychic Redemption through Ingram's Books in Print Database, directly from the publisher at or through the book order hotline at 888-232-4444.

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