Wednesday, November 4, 2009

“Cracks in the Sidewalk” Royal Palm Literary Award Winner

Florida Writers Association names
Cracks in the Sidewalk
Royal Palm Literary Award Winner
The Florida Writers Association (FWA) announced that Bette Lee Crosby of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, won the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award for her novel, Cracks in the Sidewalk, in the category of Published Women’s Fiction.

Crosby’s award was announced at the FWA conference in Orlando, Florida. According to Chrissy Jackson, FWA’s vice president, “This competition was the largest the association has hosted to date. We had 236 entries and 64 active judges, many of whom are authors or professionals in fields of journalism and education.”

Cracks in the Sidewalk is Crosby’s second novel and follows on the heels of Girl Child which won the First Place Award for Published Fiction at the 2007 National League of American Pen Women Florida Biennial.

Crosby’s award-winning novels are based on female characters who are easy to like; women who have big hearts and strong backbones, women who have the reader rooting for them from word one. Claire McDermott, the storyteller in Cracks in the Sidewalk is just such a woman. In this touching story about a grandmother’s search for her missing grandchildren, Crosby delves into the dark secrets and painful experiences that exist in many family relationships. “Sometimes,” she says, “A loss destroys a family, sometimes it destroys a person, and sometimes it leads a person to discover the truth of what being a family really means.”

To say Cracks in the Sidewalk is inspirational is tantamount to calling Mount Everest a hill. The ending will leave you with a tear in your eye and an overwhelming amount of joy in your heart. It will most certainly have you scurrying off to hug your children as you remind yourself how fortunate you are to have them, despite sibling arguments, bad report cards and endless loads of laundry. According to Crosby, the novel is based on a true story that happened to a friend of hers, but as she explains, “everything an author writes, is colored by their own experiences and observations.”

Readers can visit Crosby’s website at to learn more about the books she writes or read an excerpt from either of these award-winning books.

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