Saturday, November 7, 2009

Building Trusting Relationships

Over the past two years, Marc O’Brien, a former South Florida Hunter/Jumper Association member and New Jersey Monmouth County Park System Special Person To Ride program student, has completed an interesting horseback riding novel that should be a must read for junior riders and an informative trip down memory lane for equestrians everywhere.

Special Person To Ride is a unique story that takes the concept of therapeutic horse back riding, mixes it with extracurricular activity ingredients to create a childhood relationship recipe that evolves into a communication dish that is very healthy to taste.

“Like riding, horse education can evolve through communication in a way that may not be in a text book,” said the author who spent nearly a decade and a half learning basic English horsemanship and represented the Garden State twice in National Competition. “This novelette allows the reader to understand what goes into understanding trusting friendships.”
As the tail spins Leprechaun 6 Equestrian Members Katie, Michelle and CC are handed a challenge from their horse trainer Mr. Hawthorne ‘to teach a special person to ride’.

“The three equestrian friends Katie, Michelle and CC only know Jason Michael Bates from school and the girl’s best friends, the horses, provide the setting for everybody to get to know each other,” said the disabled gold medalist who parlayed the experience into an opportunity to attend Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

For other readers, that may include students and health care professionals, the simple social saga can provide a thoughtful message that may include remembering the importance of interaction between others in a relaxing situation.

“I really hope the book will allow college students, parents and health care professionals to reflect and interpret the story in varying ways in order to understand that life is just a book filled with conflicts while the climaxes are the ending until another episode begins,” said O’Brien whose equestrian life started with a leader and two side walkers then saw the final chapter played out on the South Florida Hunter/Jumper Association circuit while attending college. “Just as a good piece of art should evoke questions and thoughts, Special Person To Ride allows the reader to understand how to deal with simple sensitive scenes like riding a horse that can be very challenging for some students and easy for others.”

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