Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rose Padrick to speak at Book Xchg on November 7, 2009

Rose Padrick a contributor of a letter to The Art of Grandparenting will speak at the Book Xchg on Novembe 7, 2009. The public is welcome. (Judy Mammay also contributed to The Art of Grandparenting.)

Padrick was born in New York City and raised in Merritt Island, a childhood of having one foot in the big city and one running free in pre-air-conditioned Florida affords her a unique perspective. She also draws on her experiences as a mother and a grandmother as inspiration for her column ‘Rose’s Room’. In a Florida Today newspaper readers' survey it was voted as one of two most popular columns in the entire newspaper. After a successful three-year run in the communities section of Florida Today newspaper ‘Roses Room’ is now running in the Boca Raton newspaper and Brevard County Woman magazine. ‘Rose’s Corner’ column ran for a year in Seniors Today magazine, and she writes weekly threads for Brevard County Moms website.

She has also had short stories published in Senior Life monthly magazine, The Best Of Times monthly magazine, Camping Today monthly magazine, Literary Liftoff – the official magazine of the Space Coast Writers Guild, Coastal Angler monthly magazine, Quiltworks monthly magazine, and her second appearance in Woman’s World Magazine was a two-page spread with pictures in the November 13, 2007 issue, with several short stories to come out soon.

Her yet-to-be published children’s book has been running as a monthly chapter feature in the Pet Gazette magazine since 2004, and previously ran as a weekly cliffhanger in the Deland Beacon newspaper. She hopes to change ‘Sparky’s Adventures’ status from ‘yet-to-be published’ to ‘recently published’ soon. Her ‘Open Letter to New Grandparents’ was a contribution to the newly published The Art of Grandparenting (Nightengale Publications). Padrick's short-short story is included in the upcoming collection of short stories attentively titled 'Wisdom from experience' by Miles To Go Productions.

"Shaving time from my 40 hour a week job and busy weekends to write isn’t easy," she says, "but my love of storytelling keeps me at the computer till the wee hours. Rewarding myself with a ‘Grammy fix’- grabbing a hug or a walk on the beach with one or more of my 15 grandchildren – keeps me in stories…and in smiles."

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