Monday, October 12, 2009

Midnight Harvest: Living in the Moment of Love by Frank Hajcak, PhD and Tricia Garwood, MS

Midnight Harvest: Living in the Moment of Love is an insider’s view of two hearts preserving the intensity of love in a lifelong relationship by courting the soul along with the heart. Inspired by Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, the authors began exchanging simple love notes when they met, which evolved into poetic dialogues. As marital therapists, Frank and Tricia have been using them as a template to inspire couples to pursue soul mate commitment.

The authors explained that, “Courting the soul as well as the heart pushes the boundaries of emotional love into the metaphysical/spiritual realm. Love becomes driven by the desire to love more, opening the door to living in a moment of love that remains untarnished by events and undiminished by time.”

In a culture where divorce and affairs are commonplace Midnight Harvest: Living in the Moment of Love is a timely must read.

One advance endorsement said, "The authors remind us of the impact poetry like that of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning can have on a world hungry for lifelong romantic love."

Frank and Tricia’s first book on intimate relationships was the main selection of the Psychology Today, the Behavioral Science and the Psychiatric and Social Science Book Clubs, featured in GLAMOUR magazine and has been translated into French, Polish and Estonian.

Tricia and Frank have many publications in art and photography and have also written three other books including a children’s environmental picture book which Tricia illustrated. Their photos and art work highlight many of the verses.

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