Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dr. Stephen Blythe’s book “Uninsured in America” is published!

Patients without insurance pay up to ten times the insurance rate for health care, asserts Dr. Blythe in this new book. His local hospital charges $332 for an EKG for which insurance companies pay $30. A CT scan can cost an uninsured patient $3,000 at the hospital – but if they know where to go, they can get the same scan for $450. Some specialists charge $420 for a new-patient consultation, whereas Medicare pays no more than $180 for the same visit. Doctor’s visits, lab tests, prescription medications, and x-rays all cost the uninsured far more than insurance pays for the same services.

In this informal book Dr. Blythe shares examples from his practice of how uninsured patients are ripped off by our health care system – often without even knowing it. He shares the advice he offers his patients about how to get lower-cost services and how to negotiate fair prices. He shares tips on finding the rate that Medicare pays for medical services. His theory is that since few insurance companies pay more than 20% above this, physicians, hospitals, and other providers should be more than happy to accept Medicare plus 20% in cash or by credit card. After all, for the cash patient they don’t have to pay anyone to do billing and collections, there are no billing disputes later on, and they don’t have to wait months for payment.

Dr. Blythe was the Democratic candidate for congress in his district in 2008. “I proposed an “Uninsured Americans Protection Act” which would guarantee that no patient in the ER or hospital could be charged more than 20% above Medicare for the same services, and that all providers would need to make available to the public their cash charges for services and the Medicare fee accepted for the same service” says Blythe. “This would at least put the uninsured on a level playing field and help prevent medical bankruptcies”.

Although his book will also be valuable to those with high deductible plans, Dr. Blythe says he is hopeful that his book will not be needed by anyone in a future when all Americans have health coverage.

Uninsured in America is available at Outskirts Press website, and can also be purchased through Barnes and Noble or

To contact the author, send an e-mail through the website
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4379-6

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Sponsor Ads

Florida Book News has two new Sponsor Ads this week. One is from Art Atkins. He wrote The Oasis. Thanks to Art for supporting Florida book news. Click on his ad and read about his book and about him.

The other is from Jennifer Swanson. She writes the Penny and Rio Mystery Series. Thanks so much for your support of Florida Book News, Jennifer. Please click on her ad and read about these wonderful books for children.

They're Back... Cross the Atlantic Summary

Bob and Ralph Brown have returned from their voyage. For those of you who followed their progress on this blog or on theirs, Ralph has sent a summary of their voyage across the Atlantic in a flats boad. Enjoy the commentary. Click here to read it:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Note... from Lou

All my favorites seem to be launching books within days of each other. I haven't read them yet, but I'm a fan of these authors. So, we're about to play, If you liked...

Here goes:

  • If you liked... The Da Vinci Code, you might like... The Lost Symbol. It came out 9/15/09. With it came a hefty promise, "All will be revealed." Some of you have had time to read it by now. What did you think?
  • If you liked The Time Traveler's Wife, you might like... Her Fearful Symmetry. Six years ago, The Time Traveler's Wife was Audrey Niffenegger's first novel. After I read it, I gave it to everyone. I have high hopes of doing the same with this new novel. (Release: 9/29/09).
  • If you liked The World According to Garp, you might like The Last Night in Twisted River. John Irving's intriguing plotting never disappoints. I am waiting anxiously for this one. (Release: 10/27/09)

    Happy reading to all of us and leave comments on what you think.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ArtWorks of Eau Gallie 2009

Florida Book News extends its appreciation to ArtWorks of Eau Gallie 2009 for the sponsor ad they placed this week. Click on their ad and read all about this wonderful art festival. Mark the dates on your calendar and plan to attend.

ArtWorks is scheduled for November 21 and 22 in the Eau Gallie Arts District on Highland Avenue. It's a wonderful show where artists demonstrate their art throughout the festival.

Thanks to the committee of ArtWorks for supporting Florida Book News.

Thanks to Carol Jose for adding a Sponsor Ad to Florida Book News

Thanks goes out to Carol Jose for her sponsor ad on Florida Book News. It is linked to information about her book You Are Not Forgotten.

Florida Book News appreciates the support.

Click on her ad to learn more about her book and her writing. Thanks to Carol for helping support out efforts.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beyond Salvation by Darcia Helle

A teenage runaway disappears from the streets. The only people who care, or even notice, are her two best friends who are also runaways. For reasons of their own, they can't go to the police for help.

They seek out Michael Sykora, a software designer by day and hit man by night. Known on the streets as The Ghost, Michael has a reputation for taking on the twisted criminals. Rapists. Child molesters. He has never been hired to find the lost. Until now.

Michael teams up with ex-prostitute Nicki and full-time hit man Sean. Together they bend the rules of the justice system in order to find a young girl few people care about. In the process, they uncover a world where salvation comes with a price tag and God's words are used to incite fear in a congregation of believers.

Beyond Salvation is the sequel to Darcía Helle's earlier novel, No Justice. This story follows Michael Sykora as he once again seeks to destroy the bad guys. While Beyond Salvation is a sequel, it can easily be read on its own.

About the author: Darcía Helle lives in the Tampa Bay area with her husband, younger son, and four very spoiled animals. Her books are available in paperback, as well as in Kindle format, on You can also find her books, along with contests, her blog, and her
monthly newsletter - Guilty As Charged - on her website:

Visit soon. The characters await you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Author Profile - Anne Bonner

Bonner is a fifth generation Floridian, born and raised in Brevard County. Realizing that children were not learning Florida history, especially the Civil War in Florida, she set out to write books that were entertaining and interesting, while providing a learning experience for middle school students. She succeeded and is on her fourth book.

The Civil War books were to be a trilogy. However, Sue Ella now has a following and Anne decided to write the fourth book in order to answer questions that the children kept asking about the heroine. Therefore, Shattered Dreams at Pine Haven has just been published to add to the trio.

Anne has been awarded the Jefferson Davis Gold Medal from the United Daughters of the Confederacy for her Southern history programs presented in schools and has also been recognized by the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution for Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation. The first two books of the Civil War trilogy have received "Most Outstanding Published Book Award," and she hopes the third book will also be recognized by the UDC. Anne is an award-winning essayist and poet, her chapbook of poetry, BACK HOME IN FLORIDA, was released in 2004.

Secrets at Pine Haven, Civil War Comes to Florida is a story of Sue Ella, aged 12-14 who lived on an estate outside of Jacksonville when the city was occupied four times by Union forces. She received her first kiss, taught slave children to read and write, and unwittingly became a Confederate spy. The book is full of unforgettable characters, Southern traditions and is action packed with raccoons, gators, wild turkeys, and a dragon.

Intrigue at Pine Haven, Civil War in Florida tells of Florida's two big battles: The Battle of Olustee, near Lake City at Ocean Pond, and the Battle of Natural Bridge, near Tallahassee. They were both Confederate victories. J.J. Dickison,
Florida's Swamp Fox was the only one to sink a Federal warship off the coast of Florida.

Sue Ella is 16-17 years old in Intrigue at Pine Haven, Civil War in Florida. In this book she was nearly kidnapped, someone wanted to kill her, deaths of family members left her emotionally drained, and Pine Haven's taxes became outrageous. Sue Ella celebrated her 17th birthday and decided her life's partner.

Beyond Pine Haven, After the Civil War is about Sue Ella at 18 when she traveled to New York City and experienced not only culture shock but a kidnapping, a storm at sea and a snubbing at home. This is a heartwarming story dealing with the aftermath of a horrible war and a young maiden's heartache.

Anne's new release in the series is Shattered Dreams at Pine Haven. In it, Sue Ella is 19. In the story, there's a wedding, a ghost encounter at St. Augustine, a hurricane, tornado, yellow jack fever, and a gigantic disaster at sea. This one's a thriller.

Meet Anne at the Brevard Author Book Fair on March 7, 2009, and take a look at all her wonderful books. It's at the Central Brevard Library, 308 Forrest Ave, Cocoa, Fl.from 1:00 to 4:00. Meet her and see all her wonderful books.

Partners in Crime added a Sponsor Ad

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Click on the Partners in Crime ad in the column to the right to see that it's all about. Partners in Crime Publishers is a niche publishing company specializing in one-on-relationships with authors. Partners in Crime Publishers belong to Independent Book Publishers Association and Florida Publishers Association.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Scribbler's of Brevard: Writer's Group Open to All

The Scribbler's Of Brevard, Area Writer's Group, has openings for those wanting to network and wishing to be published in their yearly anthology Driftwood.

The next meeting: Saturday September 26th, 2009

Time: 9:30 AM- Refreshments
10:00 AM- Meeting
11:30 AM- Meeting over

Library: EauGallie Public Library; Pineapple Ave.; Melbourne, Florida

For information, contact: President- I. Jean Pastula PhD,
email: or phone (321) 259-4131

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Art of Grandparenting -- Grandparent's Day is Sunday 9/13/09

Celebrate Grandparent's Day today (9/13/09) with a book about the art of grandparenting. Give a copy of this new book to new grandparents help celebrate the day.
Rose Padrick and Judy Mammay writers from Brevard county have 'letters' to new grandparents published in The ART of Grandparenting, which is being released in time for Grandparent's Day on September 13, 2009.

Here is the information about the book...

Grandparenting is a tough job for new grandparents. It is an awe-inspiring experience and in many ways baffling. The ART of Grandparenting (ISBN978-1-933449-79-1 $19.95) is an anthology of witty, wise and wonder-filled stories by professional writers from all over the USA and as far away as Israel. Insight abounds in these stories and are re-capped in short lists of advice in the Tips & Tricks after each essay.

New grandparents will find helpful, humor-filled guidance in this book, due to release in time for Grandparent's Day 2009 on September 13, 2009. Go to and enter the New and Forthcoming Titles section of the STORE to order yours.

The book's website is Visit it to find out more about the book as well as other information of interest to grandparents. As a social and video networking site, this will be a place for grandparents to gather to talk about their role in the lives of their families, share their own tips and tricks, brag about their grandkids, enter photo contests, and much more. Of course, the book will be for sale at , , , , and the websites of all the contributing authors.
Happy Grandparent's Day to all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Festival Focus: Jack Riggs Featured Author at Amelia Island Book Festival

A series of reviews of books to be featured at the Amelia Island Book Festival – 2010. Reviewers represent a broad spectrum of community readers and writers. Author Jack Riggs will be a featured author at the Festival, Feb. 11-14, 2010.

Reviewed by Anne Entriken

Jack Riggs’ debut novel of two struggling young boys coming of age in a small mill town in North Carolina is cleverly woven like the finest of threads among world events in the pivotal year of 1968. That year was one that changed our culture forever. Since Riggs grew up during that time of political assassinations, civil rights, and the Viet Nam war, it was the perfect backdrop for his first effort.

It is the tale of twelve-year-old Raybert Williams and his best friend Palmer Conroy who cling to each other in the closest of friendships, as blood brothers, while living in their parents’ real world existence on the edge of poverty, mental illness and complete dysfunction.

The boys dream and plan a permanent escape to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in a 1965 Pontiac Catalina convertible belonging to Palmer’s deceased father, and all the while, Palmer’s short legs barely even reach the pedals. Their heroes are GI Joe, The Lone Ranger, and especially Evel Knievel when they witness the famous jump over 20 buses that he successfully made and some of us remember well.

Through real, raw emotion and growing momentum, Riggs spins a tale filled with young sensibilities, redemption, grace, salvation, and the absolute assuredness that anything is possible.

Riggs, who teaches at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta and who was named Georgia Author of the Year – Fiction 2009 for his second novel, Fireman’s Wife, developed an interest in writing detailed character development and began by writing short stories for literary publications. It became apparent those stories could be part of a much larger work. Parts of those original stories are brilliantly used to enrich the novel itself. In the case of When The Finch Rises, Riggs brought the boys to life and allowed them to live their story as only he could tell it.

“Refreshingly different…Clear-eyed and fair…Riggs pulls everything together with honesty and grace, the fate of each character seeming both unexpected and inevitable.”
---The Charlotte Observer

“Riggs conjures up the mysteries of a mill town summer, vividly depicting the lights and shadows of ordinary events and horrors…deeply satisfying portrait of a troubled family.”
---The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Readers will be taken with narrator Raybert’s vivid and poignant recollection of and reflection on his childhood, and appreciative of the choices Riggs made in bringing it to life.”
---Richmond Times Dispatch

The reviewer, Anne Entriken, is active in island book clubs, Micah's Place Auxiliary and is an avid reader as well as writer. A long-time Amelia Island resident, Entriken grew up Virginia where she attended high school and college. She worked for the Smithsonian Institution, US Office of Education and Department of Agriculture and as a corporate wife has lived all over the country. She and her husband Sam have two children and three grandchildren.

For more inforamtion about the Amelia Island Book Festival:
or contact Executive Director - Dickie Anderson at

Charlie L. Simms -- New Book -- Official Launch on September 20

Charlie L. Simms is the author of two (2) books of poetry and is currently living in Orlando, Florida.

His first book, Secrets Of Love And Lore and other scarytales, was published in 2005.

His new book, Sometimes I Believe In You and more scarytales, was published in 2009. (new)

This poet has had the privilege of participating in the 8th Annual Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange in 2009 with his 1st book "Secrets Of Love And Lore and other scarytales".

The poem, "Soldier No More", was selected as an entrant in the War Poetry Contest in
2009 and is now included in the new book, " Sometimes I Believe In You and more scarytales".

The author also has been accepted as a member of the "World Poet and Writers Registry" in 2009.

These books may be reviewed and purchased online at: .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Carol Ann Didier launches Navajo Night

Carol Ann Didier belongs to the romance Writers of America and has been writing for ten years. She has serve as both secretary and vice president of her local chapter of RWA.

Apache Warrior was her debut novel in April 2008, published for Kensington's Zebra line. Navajo Night will be out in September 2009 and promises to be another romance filled with carefully researched historical facts and the culture and beliefs of the Navajo Indians.

Carol Ann has bee publishes in Charisma and Literary Lift-Off magazines. She also writes inspirational vignettes, verses for greeting cards, and stories for her grandchildren. she makes her home on the east coast of Florida.

Navajo Night

Can a Navajo Holy Man with a crippled heart heal a white woman with a crippled foot?

Notah Begay loses his young wife while performing a healing sing for her, for a stomach ailment he cannot name. He is forever haunted by his failure and has sworn never to love that deeply again. At least, not until he meets the gentle JoAnna, and his vow flies away on her lilting laughter and sweet smile.

JoAnna is captivated by the Holy Man's devotion to his twins and his tribe. She feels someone as perfect as he will never look at someone as imperfect as she.
Carol Ann Didier will have a book signing for her book at Barnes and Noble on 192, September 11, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.
She also will speak at the Franklin DeGroot Library on November 15th at 2:00 p.m. on researching her novels and characters.
For more information, visit her website at

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Art Of Medicine at Elaine Baker Gallery

The Art of Medicine exhibit will open on the evening of September 10 and will hang for one month. The opening reception is from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event and exhibit are at the Elaine Baker Gallery at 608 Banyon Trail in Boca Raton, Florida. Be sure to stop by to see this show if you are in the area.

See information about the exhibit and examples of the work at

Joseph Richardson to speak at the BookXchg

On September 5, Joseph Richardson, author of "Fire Angels," spoke at the Book Xchg in Cocoa Florida.

Joseph Richardson is a native Floridian who was born and raised on a farm outside a small town quite similar to the fictional town of Walako in "Fire Angels." Richardson graduated from St. Petersburg Florida High School and earned a B.S. from The University of Alabama. He retired from NASA at Kennedy Space Center after more than 35 years government service. "Joe" is an army veteran of the Korean war. He has two grown sons and lives in Titusville, FL with his wife of 54 years, Joan, and their five "rescuesd" pets. Richardson has received several awards for his works in short story contests. This is his first novel (read the review below).

Next month, Carol Didier will speak to the group.

Author Discussion on the Criminal Justice System

This just in from Marshall Frank:

"FYI - For anyone with nothing better to do on Wednesday evening, Sept. 9th, at 7 p.m., there will be a book discussion about the many ills of the criminal justice system, at the West Melbourne Library. The author is a handsome, dynamic, wealthy, icon and world famous authority on the justice system, having walked the walk, talked the talk for 500 years...hey wait. That's me.

Stop in if you can."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us by Laura van den Berg

Announcing the publication of What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us (Dzanc Books, October 2009)

Containing work reprinted in Best Non-Required Reading 2008, Best New American Voices 2010, and The Pushcart Prizes 2010, the stories in Laura van den Berg's rich and inventive debut illuminate the intersection of the mythic and the mundane.

A failed actress takes a job as a Bigfoot impersonator. A botanist seeking a rare flower crosses paths with a group of men hunting the Loch Ness Monster. A disillusioned missionary in Africa grapples with grief and a growing obsession with a creature rumored to live in the forest of the Congo. And in the title story, a young woman traveling with her scientist mother in Madagascar confronts her burgeoning sexuality and her dream of becoming a long-distance swimmer.

Rendered with precision and longing, the women who narrate these starkly beautiful stories are consumed with searching -- for absolution, for solace, for the flash of extraordinary in the ordinary that will forever alter their lives.