Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seven Challenges to the Practice

Don't miss the writing event everyone will be talking about!

Seven Challenges to the Practice:
A dialogue & writing intensive with
Lezlie Laws & Philip F. Deaver
Join Lezlie Laws and Philip F Deaver as they address some hard issues faced by writers, such as:
  • getting started
  • when things go wrong
  • what are the rules
  • fear of the truth

They'll share their individual perspectives and talk them through. Their conversation will be accompanied by seven writing prompts to open new vistas and send you into new work.

For the what, when and where of it all, go to http://www.madaboutwords.com/ and click on the link at Seven Challenges to the Practice.

Act now, this is coming up on September 19. Regsiter early.

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