Friday, August 21, 2009

The Legend of Jimmy Gollihue by George LaCas

The Legend of Jimmy Gollihue, a novel set in an imaginary Appalachian town and on the rough road to New York City, was published in January of 2009. It's available on both in trade paperback and in Kindle e-book format. In addition, the book is available in multiple e-book formats through

In the story, a young pool hustler named Jimmy falls in love with Iris, the new waitress in his pool room. Suddenly he's in a world of trouble, and Jimmy is forced to hit the road on a Greyhound bus, putting his pool game to the test. Iris waits for him back home, and she weaves witchy tapestries that help Jimmy in his journey. Which is a good thing, for Jimmy's about to meet his match ... and maybe his Maker.

George LaCas grew up in the Southeast and has lived in Florida for the past 12 years. He's a graduate of Florida State University with a B.A. in English. One of the new breed of Internet-savvy writers, George spends much of his work-day online promoting his book and maintaining his author platform. "It's become not simply a novelty, but a necessity, for writers to maintain an online presence," he says. "In fact, many publishers won't touch an unknown author unless he has a certain number of fans already."

In this spirit, George LaCas maintains two blogs--on Wordpress and Blogger-- where he posts book trailers and talks about writing, and a website dedicated to The Legend of Jimmy Gollihue. Currently he's at work on a second novel (about art versus government) and a volume of poetry. George makes his home in the Tampa Bay area of Florida's west coast.

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