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Just Released -- America Reborn

America Reborn by Lee Boyland with Vista Boyland
The final book in the Clash-of-Civilizations Trilogy

Now, the rest of the story,

President Alexander begins the process of electing a new U.S. Government. But first he must take the nation back to its Constitutional roots. He recommends forming new political parties and establishing term limits. Political opponents plot to thwart his plans. The story begins with the destruction of the heart of the Islamic Empire, Operation Brimstone, followed by the invasion of Egypt, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. A British Royal becomes a hero. Women Army Rangers battle the Mutaween in Saudi Arabia and rescue twelve-year-old Julie Summers from being stoned and she steals Americans’ hearts. Drug cartels are destabilizing Mexico and expand across the border. Political intrigue, treason, military battles, gangs, patriotism, love of God and country—the final novel of the trilogy describes America’s rebirth into a world forever changed by events following the terrorists’ sneak nuclear attack.

ISBN 978-1-60145-912-1

President George Alexander ends the war with the Islamic Empire and concentrates on leading America back to its place as the world’s greatest nation. To reach this goal, he must inspire the people to rediscover the nation’s roots—the true meaning of the Constitution and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. After ending the war with the Islamic Empire, Alexander is confronted with: opposition from liberals, who oppose his hard line approach; a plot instigated by government officials and two Hollywood personalities, who attempt to destroy his presidency; and drug cartels, led by Hector “The Hulk” Gomez, who are destabilizing Mexico and attempt to bring South America violence into the U.S.

America Reborn, the third book of Lee and Vista Boyland’s Clash-of-Civilizations trilogy is a political-military technothriller that will keep you up late at night turning the pages.

Like Behold, an Ashen Horse, America Reborn is a complex, multifaceted exciting story that is almost impossible to put down. The story begins where Behold, an Ashen Horse ends. Leaders of the Islamic Empire have assembled to watch live video feed of the launching of two nuclear armed missiles, Allah’s Fist, against the Crusaders (American troops) in Libya and Israel. Their celebration is interrupted by an American propaganda video, followed by President Alexander giving a speech announcing his intention to deliver the death blow to the Islamic Empire.

A few days later, Phase III of Operation Brimstone, the invasion of Egypt, begins. An Egyptian general has planned an ambush, and Prince Harry’s recon squadron leads the British tanks into the trap. An exciting tank battle ensues.

Phase IV of Operation Brimstone, the invasion of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, follows. U.S. Army Rangers find an American girl, twelve-year-old Julie Summers, about to be stoned. Little Julie becomes America’s sweetheart and has an important role in the story.

Teresa Lopez continues her adventures, this time in France where a copy of America’s top secret war plan was leaked to a French newspaper. While Teresa looks for the source at the U.S. Embassy, General Simpson and Martha Wellington take a more direct approach and send a SEAL team to interview suspects—but be assured no waterboarding is employed.

Alexander turns to rebuilding the America Government. He wants to take the nation back to the principals of its Founding Fathers. His first task is to define what went wrong, and then propose solutions: new political parties and term limits are but a few of his suggestions—none of which find traction with liberals. Several liberal governors make an end run and try to appoint Congressional representatives before Alexander is ready for elections. Colonel Gordi gets another call to arms, making his governor’s day.

President Alexander has to deal with an out-of-control drug gang problem, and a southern neighbor about to become a drug cartel state. Homeland Security’s interdiction of drug shipments angers the cartel bosses, especially The Hulk and El Verdugo, who plans to teach the president a lesson. U.S. citizens are kidnapped and held for ransom, Border Patrol agents are shot, a police official is assassinated, MS-13 is out of control, and Zetas massacre a local California drug gang. Alexander dispatches "hostage negotiators" to explain why kidnapping Americans is a bad idea. One cartel boss gets the message.

Teresa meets the two Rangers who rescued Julie: Captain Erika Borgg and First Sergeant Melissa Adams. Two women a mugger would never want to meet.

There are several more exciting subplots woven into riveting story of America rediscovering its roots and preparing to be reborn. Although America Reborn ends the trilogy, the story is far from finished.

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