Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Spiritual Nonfiction on the Trinitarian Doctrine

In his new spiritual nonfiction book, "Understanding" the Trinity: Three Persons vs Three Manifestations: A Revolution in Christian Thought and Philosophy, Will Daniels seeks to dispel the myth of traditional trinitarian training, which proclaims the existence of three persons under one Godhead: The father, the son and the holy spirit.

Based solely on evidence derived from the King James Version of the Bible, "Understanding" the Trinity takes readers from the passages of Genesis to Revelation, in its quest to prove the absolute nature of God, "Understanding" the Trinity encourages readers to undergo a paradigm shift in their thinking, challenging previously held beliefs, doctrine and practice to reach a better understanding of God and the mystery of the gospel.

"Understanding" the Trinity seeks to clarify the inconsistencies of the trinitarian doctrine, which are imperative for readers’ understanding of God and salvation, and an enlightened step in the right direction for anyone wanting to understand the oneness of God and the revelation of Christ.

Will Daniels his wife, Dorothy, have three adult children. He graduated from Youngstown State University and is a Vietnam veteran. He retired as an industrial engineer.
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Understanding the Trinity can be ordered worldwide by phone or by Internet. You can order by the following methods:


2. Authorhouse Publishing 1-888-280-7715
and In the search box, Put Understanding the Trinity Will Daniels
4. Go to any book store of your choice and ask for Understanding the Trinity by Will Daniels. The book will be ordered and sent you.

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