Monday, June 22, 2009

Fabric Collage Artist Offers “Personal Workshop” Ebooks

For over a year, Melbourne artist Ellen Lindner has been successfully offering her classes online. She has found this format to be easy and lucrative for her, as well as inexpensive and convenient for her students.

When potential students missed her classes due to scheduling conflicts, they often asked “Do you have a book?” This made her think and she got busy converting two of her classes to ebooks. Ebooks are not printed. Instead, they come to the buyer as a digital file, easily downloaded from Ellen’s website.

Most of Ellen’s classes and ebooks are geared toward traditional quilters who’d like to become more artistic. However, her classes on color and design have a much broader appeal.

Ellen has written her ebooks as though they’re one-on-one workshops. Thus the series title, “Personal Workshop.” Thus far, she has written “Personal Workshop: Adventures in Color,” which is appropriate for artists in all media, and “Personal Workshop: Double Reverse Appliqué™,” which is an easy and accurate raw edge appliqué technique for quilters and sewers.

Ellen Lindner’s work can be seen on her website A directory of her ebooks, classes, and free articles can be found at

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