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Florida Book News - December 25, 2008

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Tune in this weekend: Carol Jose on C-SPAN Book TV

Carol Jose ( the co-author of You Are Not Forgotten will be featured presenting the book and its fascinating record of history on C-SPAN Book TV this weekend. The schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, 12/27/08 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Sunday, 12/28/08 at 2:00 a.m.
  • Sunday, 12/28/08 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Monday, 12/29/08 at 7:00 a.m.

"Newk" Grubb, an American fighter pilot is shot down on a reconnaissance mission early in the Vietnam War, photographed apparently in good shape when captured by the North Vietnamese, then vanishing into silence. Evie, Newk's wife and the mother of their four young sons, takes on the world. She and other military wives and mothers come together and stand up to every level of military command from sergeant to admiral, the American political establishment, foreign leaders and diplomats, and even the U.N.

Carol Jose teamed up with Evenly Grubb to write of this section of history. The book is complete with a foreword by Henry Kissinger. Be sure not to miss Carol's appearance on book TV and if you'd like a copy of the book, visit

Frank Perkins launches new book

Rainbows, Cutthroats and the Prince of Bhutan, Fly Fishing Adventures Around the World

252 pages, 66 color photographs, $25.00.

Bill Sargent, Retired Outdoors Editor of Florida Today, wrote about Perkins' new book. "Those of us who call ourselves fishermen often dream about adventurous and far away places of the world where we'd give just about anything to fish and explore. Costa Rica, Australia, Belize, new Zealand, maybe even the Seychelles are at the top of many lists.

"Unfortunately few of us ever get the chance to so much as wet a line at such distant destinations. But we keep dreaming.

"Frank Perkins is an exception. He's a quiet, friendly, small-statured man with a passion for fly fishing who made up his mind years ago that he would travel and fish the world.

"A career as an electronic engineer with assignments in many countries - and helped by the fact that he was an Earthwatch Institute volunteer - took Frank to many of the world's most beautiful and exotic places.

"Frank made it a point to never leave home without his fly rod. Come to thin of it maybe a half dozen fly rods! Needless to say he fished a lot.

"Over a period of 23 years he traveled to 25 countries on all seven continents and caught practically every fish in the book, from the black waters of the Amazon to the waterfalls of Iceland....

"The 'fishing stories' never stop in this one-man's travelogue. It goes without saying that Frank's book is a must read for us dreamers."

You can get a copy from, or by contacting Frank at or 321-676-0863. It's also available at Harry Goode's in Melbourne and The Backcountry in Vero Beach.

-Book Event at the BookXchg

December 6, 2008: Members of the Space Coast Writers' Guild gathered at the BookXchg, 604 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa, to sell their published books at the Cocoa Village Holiday Craft Fair. The authors socialized and chatted with the public from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m, while enjoying a breezy Florida day.

Space Coast Writers' Guild members represented were: E. Lynne Wright, author of It Happened in Florida, More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Florida Women, and Disasters and Heroic Rescues of Florida; Bill Allen, author of Greg Hart, Dragonslayer and The Hero Who Slayer Ruuan; Judith Mammay, author of Knowing Joseph and It's Time; Robert Brown, author of Bermuda Suicide Challenge In a Flats Boat; Pat McDonough, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of Without Keys: My 15 Weeks With the Street People, and co-author of Kazik's Polish Navy; Jim Rootsey, author of numerous books including A Beginning Along the Way, The Men From Menahur, and Micraliens in Contro; Gene Davis, author of The Kissing Camels: Dromedarious & Camela; Jim Harris, SCWG board member who was selling Don Argo's book, Canaveral Light, Shara Smock, author of Living With Big Cats, Hooking the Reader: Opening Lines that Sell, and Calliope's Mousepad; new member Louis Tucciarone, author of The Farmer and the Tree, and Holly Fox Vellekoop, author of STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River.

What's next: January 3, 2009, 1 p.m., at the BookXchg will be a roundtable discussion, led by Jim Harris, SCWG board member. Members of the guild will confer about questions from the panel and public. Included will be topics of interest to published and non-published writers such as struggles and successes with agents and publishers. If you have any particular subject that you would like discussed at this gathering, please E-Mail Holly at On February 7, 1 p.m., the BookXchg will again host the roundtable discussion. There will be no BookXchg gathering in March due to other scheduled SCWG events.

Congratulations to Judy Mammay

Judy Mammay has just received a contract for her next book. The book is Ryan's Victory, an easy reader for grades K-2, to be published by Jason and Nordic Publishers (the publisher of It's Time). The release date for her new book is spring of 2009. Watch for more information about it as we get closer to the release date.

To take a look at other books by Judy Mammay, visit her website at

Register Now

This is a great conference... don't miss it.

The 2009 SCWG Annual Writers' Conference, From Pen to Print VI, is coming soon. Be sure to check out all the information about it at The conference is a popular one in Florida with authors, editors, and agents giving presentations and meeting with writers.

The conference is scheduled for 1/23 and 1/24/2009 at the Holiday Inn, Cooca Beach. For information and to register, visit

Congratulations to Gloria Douglas

Gloria Douglas' novel, Alpha Rising, received Honorable Mention at the 2008 London Book Festival where a panel of judges evaluated it on the story-telling ability of the author and the potential of the work to win wider recognition from the international publishing community. Festival director Brush Haring said this was " of our toughest competitions to date."

Read more about Gloria's book in the section on Featured Books.

From Jean Pastula ~~ Whispers

To those interested in Metaphysical Science Research. A group if being formed to be part of an upcoming "Journalized Book" titled Whispers. They will have monthly meetings at a location to be determined later. The group will explore all aspects of the phenomena of the minds mysterious realms of wonder and bewildering occurrences. No fee to join, just a passion for the strangeness of altered states of mind. Artists, writers and the inquisitive welcome. Please contact, founder, researcher and author I Jean Pastula, PhD at 321-259-4131 or

Bob Brown DVD

Robert Brown, the author of Bermuda Suicide Challenge in a Flats Boat, has a DVD presentation about his voyage from North Carolina to Bermuda and then back to New York Harbor. He has shown it at both the Cocoa Beach and Cocoa Libraries. It is 33 minutes long and starts off with a TV news clip and then shows them leaving Atlantic Beach, North Carolina and much of their return to New York starting off with the towing out to sea in Bermuda, Donna Lang's 28 foot sailboat as she completes her solo voyage around the world.

Most of the video is taken from their 21-foot flats boat as they complete their 1547 mile voyage unescorted. They come across trash hundreds of miles from shore, travel nonstop through the nights, and are visited by a school of white sided dolphin You experience what it is like entering New York Harbor by sea, going under the Verranzano Narrows Bridge and finishing at the Statue of Liberty.

Bob then will answer any questions about their trip and tell about the next trip in the works. In addition he has written a book, Bermuda Suicide Challenge in a Flats Boat. It is for sale for $15.00.

To contact Bob Brown regarding his presentation, his book or both, call him at 321-243-7311 or email him at His website is

See the holiday specials at their website!!
New Writing Workshops offer Craft and Creative Community.

Orlando Writers' Workshops offers creative writing workshops, retreats and manuscript consultation using the Amherst Writers & Artists method as well as craft workshops for writers with book-length projects in the works. Aspiring and seasoned writers alike will have a new and exciting writing opportunity available to them in January. While other writing workshops focus on discussion of drafts written prior and brought in for critique, this method effectively uses prompts to stimulate writers' imaginations and produce fresh work during the workshop session.
They offer sessions within the week as well as special sessions on the weekends. Coming up in January is a 6-week "Fast Track to getting Published" boot camp. Writers can attend all six sessions or register for just one. Check out the topics:

  • January 4th - Cross-Training, Cross Genre, AWA -style
  • January 18 - Poetry Powerhouse
  • January 25th - Short Fiction Sprint
  • February 8 - Creative Non-fiction 100 Yard Dash
  • February 22 - Cross-Training, Cross -Genre
  • March 8 - Literary Magazines & Contests Publishing Panel

All sessions are in Orlando. Information about the boot camp sessions and for all the offerings of the Orlando Writers' Workshops can be found at

In sponsorship with the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Costa Rica Writers' Retreats has launched week-long intensive retreats at the luxurious 4-star, eco-friendly Docelunas Resort in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Beginning and experienced writers working across all genres will immerse themselves in the tranquil, tropical surroundings and the creative process will begin. Writers will expand their creativity, enhance productivity, build confidence, maximize skills, sharpen craft, develop works-in-progress, and take part in talks on craft and publishing led by Vermont College of Fine Arts faculty. The retreat writing will follow the Amherst Writers & Artists Method TM (AWA). Specially themed workshops will be offered each week, such as "The First Page," "The 5 Ps of Fiction," Poetry Infusion," and "Stories, Essays, Poems: Get Published in the LitMags Now."

For complete information, visit

Costa Rica Writers' Retreats Announces Writers' Holiday in the Tropics Contest

Costa Rica Writers' Retreats in sponsorship with the Vermont College of the Arts and Orlando Writers Workshops is offering an exciting opportunity for one lucky writer to enjoy a luxurious one-week writing retreat at Docelunas Resort. Participants may enter on-line at
No writing samples required

  • No purchase required
  • Luck-of-the-draw contest
  • Open to current graduate creative writing students and alumni worldwide
  • Winner must provide proof of enrollment or graduation All entries must be made at
All entries must be received by April 1st, 2009 and the winner will be announced by April 5th, 2009.

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