Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Author Profile - Marshall Frank

Marshall Frank launches new book

Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop is available and here are a couple of words from reviewers:

“Challenging and daring. Marshall Frank gives us all much to think about...." —David Waksman, author and Ass’t State Attorney, Miami, Florida

“Marshall Frank challenges conventional thought and policies that are not working. He uses the criminal justice system as a mirror of where our society has been, and a window of where we should be going. Buckle up for a thought-provoking episode of Frank talk.” Douglas W. Hughes, Retired Police Major, former Florida Drug Czar

In Criminal Injustice in America, Marshall Frank draws on his years of experience in and his vast knowledge of our justice system that is choking on injustice. In his own words, he points out how "...archaic thinking has produced a morass of social oppression that creates more crime than it prevents and serves a prison industrial complex that has grown into a cheap labor pool for corporate America."

The book covers the broad topics including:
  • The Failed War on Drugs
  • Prostitution
  • Capital Punishment
  • Sex Offenses
  • An Outdated Constitution
  • Cops, Courts and Prisons

Marshall Frank served for thirty years in law enforcement in Miami Date, Florida. For 16 of those years, he was in homicide/CSI and served as commander. He was called to Washington in 1980 to testify before a congressional sub-committee on violent crime in America. He knows his topic well.

This is not Frank's first book. Since he retired, Frank has authored five novels, four non-fiction books and over five hundred editorials. His books are in demand. And Frank is in demand as a guest speaker at libraries, civic groups, schools and conferences. Multi-talented, Frank speaks on a variety of law enforcement topics as well as on topics including writing and humor.

If you're lucky, he'll also play the violin for you. If you're really lucky, he'll bring Doc along and you'll be able to hear the Dick & Doc Duo. I've had the pleasure of hearing them. They provide a great time for all: music, humor... and much, much more.

The derivation of their name is obvious to those who know them. Violinist Marshall Frank is a retired homicide "Dick" and pianist Jay "Doc" Barnhart is a retired physician and forensic pathologist. Thus, Dick & Doc Duo...what a pair! You can find more about them on Frank's website.

And there's much more information about Frank's books as well as ordering information at his website, too. Go to http://www.marshallfrank.com/ to order an autographed copy of Criminal Injustice in America or any of his novels or books of non-fiction. Of course, you are welcome to go there just to read a little more about Marshall Frank, too.

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