Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Author Profile - Kee Briggs

Congratulations to Kee Briggs... after many months of work and research he is venturing into the world of ebooks. He came up with a wonderful idea and he has just launched his new endeavor.
Kee Briggs’ latest mission is to inspire people to write to live longer. As a writer I understand the concept. My writing certainly gives me a reason to get up every day and to push myself to do more and more.
Kee's contention is that it’s important to keep your mind busy with a meaningful task. By doing so, you can lengthen your life or at the very least make your life more interesting.

Kee is on his umpteenth incarnation. During his life, he has traveled out of the Pacific Northwest, through the Far East and on south to Mexico before settling in Florida. As far as vocations go, his path has led him through college, military intelligence, linguistics, newspaper reporting, TV news, photography, law enforcement, real estate, construction, promotions, securities, insurance and teaching.

You might think that the list above would be enough to write about, but that's just the first part of his life. In addition, he has been a teacher of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, life drawing, and sculpture. And he has applied his skills as an accomplished sculptor and painter. He expressed himself through his art, before he got hooked on writing.

With all those experiences under his belt, he began translating thoughts, experiences and impressions into tangible form by exploring the written word with a dozen novels. He has written a series of mysteries called the Usher Orlop Mystery series.
There are eight of them in all and more on the way. If you like mysteries, read them from the beginning and get to know Usher Orlop and his wonderful friend Anasette.

Also, Kee has two sci-fi novels that you'll find intriguing: Finders-Keepers and Losers-Weepers. In addition, he has written The Third Removed.

Now, he has added an ebook called Write to Live Longer to his accomplishments. This ebook is not just for writers, but it is geared for everyone.

Kee has an infectious attitude toward writing. He thinks that writing is not just for writers anymore. In his own words, “Writing is a wonder potion. If you are afflicted with boredom, loneliness, pain, worry or sleeplessness, a good dose of writing will ease these conditions.

“Pursuing the written word seems to annihilate time. I can leave the TV during the half-time report of an NFL game to add a few more words to my current novel, with the intention of returning to the game once play resumes. Many times my next awareness of the TV is hearing the theme music for the post-game show. With such time consumption, there is little time for loneliness. I feel no driving need to go out seeking entertainment or companionship. It keeps me out of the bars at night.

“However, writing doesn’t make one a recluse. Unless you are delving into string theory or nano-technology, social input is vital. Fiction is full of it. Writing seems to enhance one’s sociabilities. It hones your observational skills and burnishes your communicative acumen.”

Kee has convinced me. If I weren't already a writer, I'd be looking into this. It's never too late to adopt a stimulating activity.
Kee was prompted by the fact that his father died at 52 and he never knew any of his grandfathers. Therefore, he's been particularly interested in being proactive about his own longevity. The idea for Write to Live Longer grew out of his desire to take command of his destiny.

For information about Kee's novels, visit his website at http://www.keescapes.com/.

And to check out Write to Live Longer for yourself or for someone you think might enjoy it or profit from it, visit http://www.writetolivelonger.com/. For a limited time, those who buy Write to Live Longer will also receive a free bonus of an ebook edition of his novel The Painted War.

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