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Florida Book News - September 18, 2008

Welcome to Florida Book News

(This was originally called Brevard Writing and Book News, but it seemed better for all if we increased the scope. Therefore, all Florida writers, writing organizations etc. are welcome to participate).

Florida Book News is open to writers, illustrators, book lovers, and writing groups and organizations. This is the place to announce your new book or tell us about a book you continue to promote, a book signing, a meeting or presentation, your organization's meetings, conferences or conventions...anything of interest to others about writing and books. This is a free service. If you would like to help support this endeavor, there is a button for donations to the right or if you prefer to use snail mail, send donations to Lou Belcher; P.O. Box 61228; Palm Bay, Florida, 32905. Thanks

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Congratulations to Lori Knerick. The Scribblers of Brevard chose Lori Knerick's altered photograph A Bright Voyage for the cover of their upcoming Driftwood anthology. The writers' group publishes an anthology of poetry, short stories, and pieces of visual arts each year.

For information about Scribblers go to http://www.geocitiesbrevardscribblers/index.htm/

New book: Valerie Allen has just published Summer School for Smarties, a children's book for grades three to six.

In Summer School for Smarties, the main character, Jennifer, suddenly finds her long awaited summer vacation interrupted due to an end-of-the-year low grade in reading. She knows there has been a BIG mistake. Jennifer plans to be miserable throughout her summer school ordeal, but finds that remedial learning and new life experiences can sneak up on you when you least expect them.

Valerie Allen has also published:

  • Sins of the Father
  • Suffer the Little Children
  • Bad Hair, Good Hat, Best Friends
  • Write, Publish, Sell!
Check them all out by going to her website at or email her at for more information.

Friends Forever New Trails is the third in a series of books by Marilyn Martin. If you've read the other two, you will catch up with your favorite characters as they continue their journey of life along new trails.

You'll meet Alenxandra Tanner and her Navajo classmate, Skylyn Eaglefeather, young teens who have been pals from first grade. Their ranch life in Colorado is one of outdoor exploration.

Marilyn was a teacher for eleven years. Her writing draws upon a deep love of the West, and her own American Indian ancestral background has led her to investigate the life and culture of the ancient Amerinds upon which she bases much of her writing.

Friends Forever New Trails is published by Four Seasons Publishers and is now available at bookstores across the country and over the Internet at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and

ISBN: 1-932497-06-4; $12.95.

243 and Other Short Stories by C.W. Love is a combination of four different genres: mystery thriller, sci-fi, horror, and a young adult story. It contains:
  • "243" a mystery thriller about a Vietnam era hit man who is charged with eliminating his death squad members to prevent incriminating papers from naming a presidential hopeful as a traitor.
  • "Journey" is a sci-fi story. A research doctor and a computer wizard develop the ability to locate and trace inherited genes and project video and audio onto a monitor. Complications develop and an evil is released in the community.
  • "Jack-in-the-Box" is a horror story. Kip's Bar becomes the focal point for local friends in a backwoods community. The bar talk centers around a strange wolf-like man who distributes the toy-like Jack-in-the-Box. People suddenly are missing as Kip calls Plant City for a police investigation only to have the policeman turn up missing.
  • "The Wanting Tree" is a young adult story. At a tribal ceremony, young Magway states that he will become the greatest of the braves and will be the one to find the legendary Wanting Tree. The legend of Magway carries on through time with the help of the Indian Affairs agent.
Copies of the book may be purchased by emailing the author at, through the publisher at, or through Barnes and Noble and various book stores. ISBN: 1-60672-031-7

Featured Books

Kee Briggs has spent decades filling his experiential warehouses for the time when he could use that material to create storylines. He has done that and more. He's the author of 12 books. The Silver Scepter and The Rhodium Dragon are two of his newest additions to The Usher Orlop Mystery Series. Start at the beginning of the series and follow the exploits of sculptor Usher Orlop and Anasette. In The Silver Scepter, Usher travels to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to execute a silver scepter for an unusual client. Usher finds his creation is used to bash in the skull of a woman. Usher rescues her tiny son and must find a way to get the tyke out of harm's way. In The Rhodium Dragon, Usher is provided with a magnificent jade box on which to mount a silver mask of a client's grandson. The surfacing of the lidless box precipitates multiple burglaries and murders, plus the involvement of a powerful Chinese tong and the Chicoms. Usher must sort through international intrigues to protect the lone survivor. For more information about these intriguing books or to purchase any of Kee's books visit his website at

You Are Not Forgotten: A Family's Quest for Truth and the Founding of the National League of Families of POW/MIA by Evelyn Grubb and Carol Jose with a Foreword by Henry Kissinger. This true story of enduring love and tragic loss, set in a deep and moving time of war and extreme socio-political upheaval, is an inspiring account of remarkable individuals, citizens, celebrities and politicians. Together they would create history. Each of them is a true American hero and they will never be forgotten.

In his review of the book Maj. Gen. Don Shepperd USAF (ret.) states, "You Are Not Forgotten should be read by every American citizen, politician, government bureaucrat, military family, and by every person who wears a U.S. military uniform, from the recruits to the top. The photos are riveting. The story is true, well-documented, superbly told. It should be in every American history class because the Vietnam War as a subject has been woefully neglected. Full of important national, military and strongly illustrated civic and moral human lessons, You Are Not Forgotten should become a classic.

"Authors Evelyn 'Evie' Grubb and Carol Jose collaborate to tell the story of 'Newk' Grubb, an American fighter pilot shot down on a reconnaissance mission early in the war....

"The story is told from Evie's heart, through her eyes. You won't forget You Are Not Forgotten. Don't miss it. I'd like to have known Evie. She says, in the Preface, '...the roughest experiences of life do toughen us up... but they do not make us immortal...'"

For more information about You Are Not Forgotten contact publicist, Mike Daly at md@csicreativesolutions or by phone at 1-877-843-8877. You can order the book online at (Hardcover, 360 pp, illustrations, index; $24.95 + shipping) ISBN 13-978-0918339-71-3

Strangers Brothers. With October the 25th anniversary of the US invasion of Grenada, the release of Strangers Brothers is timely. Strangers Brothers is the story of the coming together of two brothers, from different cultures, and raised separately by the same father. While the brothers, both Airborne Rangers, are involved in Operation Urgent Fury - the invasion of Grenada - a secret is revealed and their lives unravel. Living in the same Georgia town, how can two disparate families come to grips with one man's "other life"?

Strangers Brothers is the sequel to Raymond F. Flaherty's novel He Didn't Say Good-Bye, which was a Pulitzer Prize contender in 2006.

Strangers Brothers is by Raymond F. Flaherty with Pat McDonough ISBN 976-0-965f3467-8-8 ($21.95) You can obtain more information by sending an email to and can purchase it by going to

Other books available From Terra Sancta Press are
  • He Didn't Say Good-Bye by Raymond f. Flaherty
  • What Made Us Who We Are Today, World WarII Oral History by Mary
    Timpe Robsman
  • Without Keys, My 15 Weeks with the Street People by Pat McDonough
Alpha Rising by G.L. Douglas is receiving high praise and positive reviews and recently earned two Honorable Mentions at the Hollywood Book Festival, an Honorable Mention at the DIY Book Festival, and scored a perfect 20 out of 20 in plot, grammar, character development and cover design categories at the Writers' Digest International Book Festival. (Read more at

This thought-provoking work of speculative fiction opens at Kennedy Space Center in the year 2020 with a rescue mission beyond Earth's solar system. The effort only partially succeeds, landing six astronauts in a beleaguered future world where history repeats itself, future events cast shadows, few can be trusted, and the earthlings' DNA is of prime interest. By the merest stroke of luck, one astronaut escapes evil captors, and soon an epiphany on a mountain top sends him on a mission that fulfills prophecy.

From Violins to Violence: Memoirs of a Virtuoso Homicide Detective was named one of the best books of 2007 by Cathy Mathias of Florida Today.

Author Marshall Frank bares all about his transition from a classical violinist to an illustrious career as a premier homicide detective. In this compelling autobiography, Frank shares many personal and professional experiences. He looks at the power over corrupt officials by a family mobster; the struggles faced by homicide investigators; true murder cases and other criminal investigations; the arrest of five police officers for murder; the truth behind Miami's race riots of 1980; crushed marriages, alcoholism and drug addiction; and the influence of music in a life of turmoil.

Take note: Coming in November is Marshall's newest release Criminal InJustice in America. For more information, visit Marshall's website at

When Judith Mammay retired from teaching elementary special education, she started her second career as an author of children's books. She has written Knowing Joseph, a mid-grade novel, and It's Time, an early reader/picture book, both of which address issues of autism. She currently lives in Melbourne, Florida, with her husband and is an active member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is the president of the Space Coast Writers' Guild (SCWG). Besides writing, she also enjoys nature photography, playing golf, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Knowing Joseph ... Brian would give anything to have a normal six-year-old brother -- one who doesn't scream, that normals sounds are not too loud for, or just a brother who would play with other kids. But no matter how often he pretends not to know him, Brian has to face that he doesn't have a normal brother. He has Joseph, who is autistic.

Life with Joseph isn't easy. Joseph needs order and structure, which is something other kids find weird. Brian constantly finds himself defending Joseph from kids who understand Joseph even less than Brian does. It takes a new friend and a school project before Brain can begin to truly know and accept Joseph.

It's Time... Tommy knew he was different. His doctor told him and his mom he had autism. He didn't know what autism was, but he knew some things were hard for him.

It was hard for Tommy to understand what people meant when they talked. It was hard for him to use words that would help others to understand him, too. Sometimes that made him scream.

Tommy liked things to be the same. He liked to do everything in the same order each day. It upset Tommy if the schedule changed.

Sometimes Tommy didn't like people to be close to him. And he didn't like loud noises and bright, flashing lights.

Even when Tommy tried his best, some days were hard. Some days he had problems.

Judy has presented in several venues, including schools, college classes, and at community meetings. She is available to do school visits on the topics of writing, conflict resolution, and disability awareness. Contact her at or through her website,

Stone Haven: Murder Along the River by Holly Fox Vellekoop. Holly is a former clinical instructor in psychiatric and mental health nursing for Pen State University.

Stone Haven: Murder Along the River is a murder mystery set in the small town of Danville, Pennsylvania. Follow state policeman Thomas Sheski and his partner as they attempt to solve the murder of the wife of a well-known psychologist who provides treatment for wealthy clients at his private mental hospital.

Stone Haven: Murder Along the River is available at or by emailing the author at

Book Festivals/Workshops/Conferences

The Osceola Library System is having a reading festival on September 26, 27, and 28, 2008. The festival goals are to promote literacy, foster enjoyment of the written word for all ages, and to bring together all those interested in reading, writing and publishing. The festival will take place at the Hart Memorial Central Library at 211 East Dakin Avenue in downtown Kissimmee.

There will be an Author's Gallery to provide the community with the opportunity to interact directly with published authors and to purchase autographed copies of their work. Several authors from Brevard are participating. They are: Judy Mammay, Bill Allen, Pat McDonough, Joyce Henderson, and Valerie Allen.

Conferences around the state.

Florida Christian Writers Conference
where: Leesburg, Florida
when: 02/26/09 to 03/01/09

Fourth Annual Other Words Conference
where: St. Augustine Florida
when: 11/06/08 to 11/08/08

Gulf Coast Writers Conference
where: Community College; Panama City, Florida
when: 09/20/08

Sanibel Island Writers Conference
where: Sanibel, Florida at BIGARTS
when 11/06/08 to 11/09/08

Sleuthfest 2009
where: Deerfield Beach Hilton
when : 02/26/09 to 03/01/09

Space Coast Writers' Guild Conference
where: Cocoa Beach, Florida
when: 01/23/09 to 01/24/09

Florida Writers Association Conference
where: Lake Mary, Florida
when: 11/14/08 to 11/16/08

Book Signings and Lectures Send your announcements for this area to

Organizations and Meetings

Note: I know this is a partial list of organizations, and I know I haven't included all the information about meetings. I would love to list information about your group. Please send in the information you would like listed about your group to Thanks.

Cape Canaveral Pen Women

website: The goal of this group is to conduct and promote creative and educational activities in art, letters, and music.

Florida Writers Association


Brevard group: There is a regional group called Poets, Authors and Writers Share (PAWS). This group meets the third Wednesday of the month at Melbourne Public Library on Fee Avenue in Melbourne, Florida.


website: http://www.geocities/brevardscribblers/index.htm. This group meets the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from February through October. During November, December and January, they meet the 2nd Saturday of the month. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. at the Eau Gallie Library.

SCBWI Florida

website: This is the state chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Space Coast Writers' Guild

website: The monthly meeting of the Space Coast Writers' Guild is on the third Saturday of the month at the West Melbourne Library at 2755 Wingate Blvd (on the corner of Minton and Wingate). It starts at 1:00 p.m. The SCWG newsletter reports that the speaker for September is Scott Tilly. He will be speaking about writing in academia. Tilley is Professor and Director of Software Engineering in the Department of Computer Sciences at FIT andis also a Professor of Management Information Systems. He is the author/editor of over 100 academic publications. This meeting is open to the public.

There are other meetings within the group.

On the first Saturday of the month, the guild sponsors presentations by authors in conjunction with the Book Xchg on Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village. This is open to the public. Although the event is usually on the first Saturday of the month at 1:00 p.m., for October, it is on 10/18/08.

2nd Saturday with the Space Coast Writers' Guild is (obviously) on the 2nd Saturday of each month. This meeting is at the Merritt Island Public Library, 1195 N. Courtenay Parkway. The meeting starts at 1:00 p.m. and is open to the public and members.

Publishers and Book Stores

First Saturday at the Book Xchg

Two published authors, members of the Space Coast Writers' Guild, Bill Allen and Ann Bonner presented their books on Saturday, Steptember 6, 2008, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Book Xchg, 604 Brevard Avenue, Cocoa Village, Florida.

Bill Allen is the author of Greg Hart, Dragonslayer? He spoke about his book and about writing humor. Ann Bonner, author of Secrets of Pine Haven, Intrigue at Pine Haven, and Beyond Pine Haven, spoke about her series of books. They were both available to sign purchased copies of their books after the presentations.

The next presentation at the Book Xchg will be at 1:00 on October 18, 2008. This event is usually on the first Saturday of the month, but due to the special book event in front of the Book Xchg on October 18th, the presentation date has been moved to coincide. So, come early. Watch for the next issue of Florida Book News for more information.

Also available at the Book Xchg are books by other local authors. For more information, call Holly Vellekoop at (321) 733-9449 or the Book Xchg owners (pictured here), Rich and Angie Moore, at (321) 639-5624.

Submissions: The next issue of Florida Book News will be posted on 10/03/08. Send your news to by 10/01/08. Thanks.

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