Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Write with Clarity

Don't plop your reader down in the middle of a jungle of words. Readers won't lose their way in your story, book or essay unless you don't provide a path for them to follow.

Your writing doesn't need to be simplified so much as it needs to be clarified. Compose your words so they lead your readers to the point you are trying to make. Instead of making your reader hack through a mess of weeds and vines (usually known as extra adjectives, adverbs and redundant phrases) that obliterate your message, give them a clear yet colorful path to follow.

In order to write with clarity, you need to be willing to delete some of your favorite words, phrases and even sentences that, no matter how beautiful the combination of words, don't move the story forward. Save them for another piece.

TIP: Write with clarity by deleting words and phrases that lead nowhere.

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