Monday, December 24, 2007

Get Ready to Write in 2008

You say you want to be a writer? What do writers do? They write. So, let’s get ready to write in 2008. I had a woman ask me if I wrote in my journal every day. I don’t. Not every day, but pretty close. I have found that my writing is better on the days when I take a few moments in the morning to write in my journal. I think it has something to do with clearing the head and waking up that muse that was snoozing while he/she waited for me to make the commitment.

Tip of the Day… In the next few days, we’ll get to some points on how to make the most of a journal. For now, just make the commitment to write … fun writing, practice writing, just blowing off steam … every morning for the first week of 2008. I think you’ll be converted if you stick to it for a solid week.

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